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The Sensory Physiology and Sensory Ecology (SPASE) Lab

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The Sensory Physiology and Sensory Ecology (SPASE) Lab

Lab Members

Aran Mooney

Aran is interested in how animals detect the world around them. How they find food, communicate, navigate and avoid predators.  And how humans are impact an animal's sensory biology.  Our lab generally takes a bioacoutics approach to investigating these ideas but we are open to all sorts of integrative and comparative methods to get at cool research questions. We examined sensory biology in a range of taxa, from bears to fish, but we tend to focus on odontocetes and cephalopods.


Ashlee Lillis

Ashlee is Postdoc Scholar from NCSU. Her expertise is in larval reponses to sound.

Matt Long

Matt is Postdoc Scholar from UVA. He also works with Matt Charette and Dan McCorkle at WHOI. His work tends to like the interface between water flow (current), biogeochemstry, and biology. In our lab he's addressing the oxygen and pH tolerance of developing squid.



Grad students

Max Kaplan (WHOI-MIT PhD student and former lab Summer Student Fellow)

As a SSF, Max studied the impacts of high CO2 levels and ocean acidification conditions on paralarval squid.  He measured impacts on development, morphology and behavior.  He's just formulating his dissertation ideas.  Max received his Bachelors Degree from the University of St. Andrews.

Casey Zakroff (WHOI-MIT Joint Program Student)

Casey joined the Joint Program in the midst of his M.S. at King Abdullah University of Science and Techology in Saudi Arabia. He's our cephalopod eco-phsyiology guru. He is the PhD student lead on our squid OA project.

Tammy Silva
(Guest Studnet from UMass Dartmouth)

Working onodontocete bioacoustics, including Hawaiian spotted dolphins and odontocetes of Stellwagen Bank Nat'l Marine Sanctuary. Tammy is working in our lab (and the lab of Laela Sayigh) and earning her PhD from UMass Dartmouth.

Interns, Guests and Undergrads

Jessie Perelman (Research Assistant)

Jessie is a recent graduate of the University of Southern California and is helping our lab with various projects. Primarily, she is working on snapping shrimp acoustic behavior.


Apryle Panyi - Upcoming info soon