Ben Linhoff


Ben Linhoff is a geochemist who studies glaciers and the Greenland Ice Sheet. His research is focused on the impacts of ice sheet hydrology on glacial acceleration and meltwater geochemistry. Specifically, Ben is interested in using radioactive and stable isotopes as tracers of meltwater sources, flow paths, and transit times through glaciers. By coupling meltwater chemistry with ice sheet dynamics (as determined by GPS stations at the ice surface), he is building a high-resolution model that demonstrates how meltwater flow paths influence glacier motion. The results of this research will help determine the hydrological changes beneath glaciers responsible for the diurnal and seasonal evolution in glacial uplift and acceleration as well as changes meltwater chemistry. In addition to ice sheets and glaciers, Ben also studies mass independent fractionation of uranium isotopes and uranium cycling in coastal aquifers. He has written extensively about his Greenland fieldwork in an expedition blog published in Scientific American.