Camilo Ponton


The purpose of Camilo’s research is to better understand the past behavior of the Indian monsoon in terms of rainfall over the Indian peninsula, and the possible implications that future changes could have for river-dominated continental margins. The Indian monsoon is one of the most energetic and dynamic climate processes that occur today on Earth, but we still do not have a detailed understanding of large-scale hydrological variability over the Indian peninsula during the Holocene (last 11,500 years).  By using marine sediment cores, in collaboration with his advisors Liviu Giosan (G&G) and Tim Eglinton (MG&G), Camilo will attempt to reconstruct the Holocene paleohydrology of the Indian monsoon at the mouths of two large rivers: the Indus (Arabian Sea) and the Godavari (Bay of Bengal), and contribute to the understanding of the dynamic architecture of their monsoon-controlled deltas.