Ken Mankoff


I study ice sheet hydrology, ice/ocean interactions, and ice-proximal oceanography using a combination of observational fieldwork, low-cost robotic vehicles, remote sensing and novel sensors and algorithms.

My research spans the path of a drop of water from when it melts on the surface (or at the base) of the ice sheet, flows through and under the ice sheet, and is exhausted into a Greenland fjord or under an Antarctic ice shelf.  The water is then one half of the ice/ocean boundary, and this freshwater flux is increasing in the warming climate.  Further downstream, the meltwater modifies fjord properties and coastal seas, changing oceanic and ice conditions.

In July and August 2013, I was fortunate enough to join WHOI Researchers Fiamma Straneo, Hanumant Singh, and Sarah Das in Greenland as operator of the JetYak (a remote-controlled jetski-powered kayak): .  At WHOI now, I've been processing the CTD data that we collected with the JetYak in a Greenland Fjord.

For more information and specific projects, read my research page, my publications list, or my full CV.