An array of Ice-Tethered Profilers to enhance the Arctic Ocean Observing Network for the 2007-2009 International Polar Year period and beyond


Arctic Research Initiative
2007 Funded Project


The major goal of this project is to enhance the Arctic Observing network with nine Ice-Tethered Profilers designed at WHOI specifically the sample ice-covered waters.  In combination with instruments already working in the Arctic under NSF-funded projects, the observations of ice drift, water temperature and salinity in the upper 800m of the Arctic Ocean will expand current WHOI efforts to develop, test and use autonomous instruments to advance Arctic studies.  The costs for the project proposed here are shared with a recently funded NSF project under which the components to make up nine ITP instruments are funded (2007 Major Research Instrumentation Program, MRI).  We request funding for assembling and testing of these instruments at WHOI, and the recovery and preprocessing of telemetered data. Deployment costs will be born by existing NSF Arctic grants.