Initiation of an Integrated Biogeochemical Flux and Hydrographic Program at Station W


OCCI Project Funded: 2003

Proposed Research

This proposal requests funds to deploy time-series sediment traps on an intermediate mooring at Station W in the NW Atlantic Ocean in order to address the following objectives:
  • To determine temporal particle fluxes at various depths
  • To investigate relationships between annual hydrographic cycles and particle processes.
  • To provide samples that will aid in interpretation of past climate and carbon cycle variations from microfossil (e.g., forams), molecular (e.g., alkenones) and other geochemical and sedimentological proxy records in the underlying sediments.

Our program will be concurrent with an NSF funded physical oceanography program titled Investigating the characteristics and consequences of interannual variations in the Northwest Atlantic's Deep Western Boundary Current, J. Toole et al., co-PIs. We believe that the synchronous time-series data sets generated from an integrated biogeochemical flux and hydrographic program at Station W are essential in accurately linking physical and biogeochemical ocean processes.