Sedimentary Records of Millennial-Scale Hydrological Variability in the Northeastern United States over the Past 15,000 Years


OCCI Project Funded: 2003

Proposed Research

Sedimentary patterns within small closed lake basins record past changes in water-table levels and can be used to track shifts in moisture availability over time. This study is aimed at assessing the hydrologic response to rapid changes in regional climate controls over the past 15,000 years by reconstructing the water-level histories of an array of small lakes from Cape Cod to New York. Ground-penetrating radar will be used to survey lakes in order to distinguish climatically meaningful patterns in the sedimentary record. Regionally representative lakes will be targeted for coring. Analysis and dating of a series of lake cores from each lake will produce well-resolved lake-level histories. The creation, analysis, and synthesis of new, well-resolved paleoclimate data, including integration with existing datasets, will document millennial- and shorter-scale hydrologic responses to marine-cryosphere-atmosphere interactions.