A "White Paper" on Ocean Salinity Measurements


OCCI Funded Project: 2006


This investigator is hosting the CLIVAR Salinity Workshop May 8-10 at WHOI as Co-Chair of the CLIVAR Salinity Working Group. Our goal in this workshop is to draw together the global community interested in salinity measurements to address the following questions: 

  1. What are the processes and mechanisms that link salinity, the water cycle, ocean circulation, and climate variability?
  2. What are the trends and variability of sea surface salinity and subsurface salinity for different regions?
  3. What are the relationships between salinity and temperature structure and variability (surface and subsurface)?
  4. What observations and monitoring requirements are necessary to ensure adequate salinity data products for future climate studies?

The overall goal of the CLIVAR Salinity Working Group is to prepare a White Paper on the potential for future salinity measurement programs to address key questions about the climate system, especially with respect to the water cycle. As meeting host, Working Group co-chair, and long time proponent of using the oceans as a rain gauge, the bulk of this writing task falls to me. This proposal seeks OCCI support for this activity.