Laser Raman Spectroscopic Analyses of Seawater and Dissolved Gases


DOEI Project Funded: 2006

Laser Raman spectroscopy (a type of vibrational spectroscopy) is a non-invasive, optical technique which is well suited to extreme environments.  It is capable of in situ molecular identification of solids, liquids and gases (in either gaseous or aqueous form), including volatiles such as H2S, CO2, CH4, and higher hydrocarbons.

The goal of this proposal is to perform laboratory experiments necessary to determine the feasibility of in situ Raman analyses of dissolved gases. 

Laboratory work will include:

  • Determination of relative Raman scattering efficiencies for target gases and water
  • Determination of detection limits for the target gases
  • Analysis of the Raman spectrum of water at various temperature/pressure/salinity conditions
  • Determination of calibration curves for dissolved gases