Participation in the Cargese Earthquakes 2014 Summer School

Jeff McGuire, Geology & Geophysics


2014 DOEI Funded Project


Support is requested for McGuire and post-doc, Xiaowei Chen, to participate in the 2014 Cargese summer school on earthquakes.  This CNRS school in France is being convened by a group of international leaders in earthquake science with a focus on hands-on training of ~70 senior graduate students and post-docs in state of the art data analysis techniques.  There is a particular focus on seismic cycles of subduction zone thrust faults and oceanic transform faults that is directly related to much of the WHOI OBS group’s recent work in Cascadia and the East Pacific Rise and is in line with the DOEI themes of studying the dynamic processes that shape the seafloor and produce interactions with the overlying ocean such as tsunamis.