Seafloor Observatory Science and Instrumentation


DOEI Project Funded: 2007

Suspended Particle Rosette Sampler for Investigating Hydrothermal Plume Particulates

PI: Chris German, Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry
Postdoctoral Fellow: Chip Breier, Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering
Postdoctoral Fellow: Brandy Toner,  Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry

We are developing a new oceanographic tool, a suspended particulate rosette (SUPR) sampling system capable of rapidly filtering 36 large water volume samples (30 to 80 liters per sample) for suspended particulates during a single CTD cast or moored deployment. The SUPR sampler is designed to be compatible with future in situ optical analysis methods. We are developing the SUPR system to investigate these fundamental questions, How do iron- and manganese-rich, hydrothermal plume particles affect seawater chemistry and to what extent do these particles fuel microbial activity in deep-sea hydrothermal plumes?