Min Ding, Geology & Geophysics


A field trip to Chile to collect coastal tidal data for earthquake and tsunami research and to gain field experience

This proposal seeks travel support for MIT/WHOI Joint Program student Ms. Min Ding to conduct a
nine-day field trip to Chile in spring 2011. The objectives of this trip are three folds:
1) To obtain historical coastal tidal data of Chile to constrain her current modeling of the Chile earthquake and tsunami processes;
2) To examine the observation uncertainties through site visit to seven coastal stations in Chile; and 3) To gain first-hand field experience of working on complex Chilean coastal zones. The data collected will directly contribute to her thesis work, while the field experience gained will deepen her understanding of coastal geology. While her current modeling work is supported by a research grant, that grant does not cover any student field trip. Thus a COI student research award will enable Min Ding to undertake this work, directly benefiting her research experience on a coastal ocean subject of important societal relevance.