Whitney Bernstein, Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry


Environmental Controls on Coral Calcification: Alkalinity Budgets of Reef communities and Coral Skeletal Records

My proposed thesis research involves the measurement of variability in coral calcification in
response to changing environmental factors. One half of this research will be based on records
from coral cores collected from the Red Sea under Dr. Konrad Hughen’s KAUST funding.
Unfortunately, Dr. Hughen’s KAUST funding for field work expired this past September, so he
cannot support my future trips to the Red Sea. In November, 2010, I will collect seawater from
Red Sea sites under the KAUST funding of Dr. Dan McCorkle. I will join the research team of
Dr. Steve Lentz, who will provide a boat for the sample collection, and will provide physical data
critical to the interpretation of chemical measurements. This application to COI is a request for
funding in order for me to join Dr. Lentz in Saudi Arabia again in 2011. This additional trip is
critical to the success of my thesis research, as each trip provides a 2-4 day window of
observations of community calcification in response to the concurrent environmental conditions.
A COI grant of $3000 would defray the cost of a trip to the Red Sea.