Sara Bosshart, Marine Geology & Geophysics


International Coral Reef Symposium (ICRS) Attendance

The International Coral Reef Symposium (ICRS) is the largest gathering of coral reef scientists from across the globe and only occurs every 4 years. This year, the symposium will take place in Cairns, Australia. As a second year graduate student focusing on using coral for paleoceanographic study, attending the 12th International Coral Reef Symposium will give me an introduction into the current state of modern coral reef research. I am excited about meeting coral reef scientists from around the world and hearing about their research, in particular I hope to learn more about coral reef ecology and the mechanisms governing coral growth which is the main paleoceanographic proxy I am using. As ICRS is one of the major conferences for coral reef studies, it will be a unique opportunity to forge collaborations with other scientists with similar research interests and to advance our understanding of coral reef science. I submitted an abstract to ICRS and am hoping to give an oral presentation about my research on the parameters affecting coral extension rates. This will be my first oral presentation at an international conference and will be a great opportunity for me to gain feedback about my research and to share my findings with other scientists. My thesis work explores the impacts of climate change and natural modes of climate variability on the growth of the dominant reef-°©‐building corals across the Caribbean. At ICRS, I will present my initial results in a presentation entitled “Assessing the dominant controls on coral growth: implications for reef responses to climate change.” The funds from the Coastal Ocean Institute will be used to cover the cost of my travel to Cairns. I have applied for a waiver of the registration fee through the ICRS grant opportunities and my advisor will provide partial support for my accommodation and travel not covered by external funds. External funds are required to fund my attendance at ICRS because the total cost of attendance is over $3000 per person, an amount that was not budgeted for in my advisors National Science Foundation award.