Amy Draut

Geology & Geophysics


is conducting a multidisciplinary study of sedimentation processes along the Louisiana Coast, where rates of coastal land loss and wetland deterioriation are the highest in the United States. Often knee deep in mud flats, Amy has completed a detailed survey of 51 kilometers of this coast. Working with both onshore and offshore samples as well as seismic surveys of the area, she will construct a three-dimensional analysis of the processes that shape the shoreline on short and long time scales. Her advisors are Gail Kineke, former WHOI Postdoctoral Scholar, currently an Assistant Professor of Geology at Boston College and a WHOI Adjunct Scientist, and Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering Department Chair Rocky Geyer.

"This project has broadened my horizons considerably," Amy says. "I have worked closely with members of both the Institution's Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering and Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry Departments, as well as with scientists from the US Geological Survey branch in Woods Hole and geologists at Boston College, Tulane University, and Louisiana State University."