Pradeep (Nalaka) Ranasinghage


Research Summary

My research interests include studying; 1) Coastal processes associated with instantaneous events such as tsunamis and cyclones, and 2) Paleo-climate record in marine and coastal sedimentary archives.

For my PhD research at Kent State University OH, I studied paleo-coastal hazards and Indian winter monsoonal changes during the Holocene using coastal sedimentary archives in southeastern and eastern Sri Lanka.

Currently, I am involved in several research projects at WHOI. With Jeff Donnelly, I study the impact of cyclones on the morphology of Okaloosa Island and Choctawhatchee Bay in Destin FL. I use chemical and physical properties of sediment cores from Okaloosa Island and Choctawhatchee Bay to investigate paleo-cyclone events and changes in paleo-environment. I am also involved in research with Liviu Giosan to investigate the climate change in the Bay of Bengal after the Toba volcanic eruption around 75000 yrs BC. Foraminifera and sediment biomarkers are used as tools to assess the climate change. With a new grant from the Coastal Ocean Institute, I will continue my research on paleo-tsunamis in Sri Lanka in order to construct the recurrence interval of tele-tsunamis in the Sunda Trench. Sediment cores from coastal back-barrier environments in southeastern and eastern Sri Lanka are used to identify sand layers deposited by the past tsunamis. This project is carried out in collaboration with the Geological Survey of Sri Lanka.

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