Anthony Kirincich


Research Summary

My scientific interests are in the fields of coastal physical oceanography and biophysical interactions.  As a physical oceanographer, I wish to use established and new technologies to observe our coastal oceans, explore the outstanding questions in these fields, monitor the effects of climate change, and apply science to solve environmental problems.

My graduate research focused on coastal ocean dynamics through interdisciplinary observational programs.  Using both moored instruments and shipboard hydrographic studies I've: examined the dynamics of coastal density fronts, documented the across-shelf scale of the divergence of Ekman transport due to coastal upwelling, and studied the dependence of across-shelf exchange on stratification, forcing, and vertical mixing.  In addition, I've worked closely with colleagues to investigate interactions between physical and biological systems such as larval transport mechanisms, physical controls on biological systems, upwelling-driven hypoxia, and local effects of climate variability.

As a postdoctoral scholar here at WHOI, I am working with the Martha’s Vineyard Coastal Observatory and nearby process studies to further our understanding of across-shelf exchange by examining the vertical structure of the water column and the effects of waves on subtidal circulation.
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