Small Boat Fleet


24' Mytilus

Since launched in the spring of 1990, Mytilus has become the most heavily used COI/RCRC boat. Its large deck area, dry cabin and shallow water mobility make Mytilus a versatile and popular coastal research vessel.

21' Calanus

In order to provide researchers with convenient access to Great Harbor, Vineyard Sound and Buzzards Bay, the Calanus is berthed from April through October each year. It may also be trailered to remote locations. Deck space is approximately 100 sq. ft. This vessel provides a wind/spray shield and center console.

13' Limulus

Easily trailered, the 13' Limulus can provide access to areas not suitable for larger vessels. It is most commonly used as a platform for nearshore research tasks and for shuttling equipment and personnel.

12' Orzrus

This rowboat is used for research support in harbors and ponds. It allows users access to waterways where engines are not permitted.

Operator Training & Certification

All small boat operators at WHOI must be certified before any small boat may be used in support of WHOI projects. The WHOI Coastal Ocean Institute (COI) will carry out the training and certification program, with advice and support from the WHOI Port Office, the WHOI Safety Office, and the Vice President for Marine Operations.

Small Boat Fleet Manual

This guide is intended to introduce all boat users to the COI-RCRC boat fleet and operating procedures. Users are expected to be familiar with the information presented here and to operate the boats using these guidelines.