Establishing a portable, high-resolution shallow-water bathymetric capability

Dana Yoerger, Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering
Peter Traykovski, Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering


Project Funded 2008:

Under this proposed effort, we will adapt the Reson 7215 400 khz multibeam sonar to work as a portable system for shallow water mapping from vessels such as Tioga. The 7125 is a state-of-the-art multibeam system that can map over swaths up to 4 times water depth. We will use the Reson system procured for Sentry, additionally we will use the Sentry’s Phins inertial navigation system. For this project, we will also add a real-time kinematic GPS system that can provide accuracy on the order of 0.1m. The sonar and INS will be available approximately 6 months/year when they are not in the field with Sentry. We will use Tioga to test the system, verify system performance, and we will also do a repeat survey as part of an ongoing time series at the MVCO.