Design of a Large-Volume Aerosol Auto-Sampler for the Martha's Vineyard Coastal Observatory

Bernhard Peucker-Ehrenbrink, Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry
Michael Purcell, Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering


Project Funded 2007

Our goal is to design, build and test an automated, large-volume aerosol auto-sampler for the Air-Sea Interaction (ASI) tower of the Martha’s Vineyard Coastal Observatory (MVCO). Inputs from near- and long-range atmospheric sources play an important role in coastal ocean ecosystems. A better understanding and monitoring of such ecosystems is at the center of a large new oceanographic initiative - the construction and operation of Coastal Ocean Observing Systems. Comprehensive monitoring and characterization of atmospheric inputs to the Cape Cod coastal ocean is currently missing. Large-volume samplers are needed to provide sufficient aerosol mass to chemically and isotopically characterize aerosol samples, and to share filter samples with multiple investigators.  A portion of this proposal’s budget ($55,005) is equivalent to the required 1/3 matching funds for a proposal we just submitted to the NOAA Sea Grant Program to design, build and test the sampler. The hardware and engineering design will enable us to start generating preliminary data immediately and approach other funding agencies with a design and preliminary data in hand in case the Sea Grant Program does not fund our proposal.