COI Funded Project: Field Measurements of 2d Flows and Shoreline Changes in the Inner Surf and Swash Zones


Project Funded: 2003
Key Words: Transport & Settling, Turbulance, Cape Cod Bay, Species Distribution, Intertidal, Gastropod Larvae, Intertidal Ecology, Larval Behavior, Settlement Processes

Proposed Research

We will collect observations of beach sand elevations and alongshore-directed wave-driven flows in the fall of 2003. This will be done in order to test sediment transport models, which are important to estimates of beach erosion and accretion. Observations from four internally-recording sensors will complement those to be obtained by Dr. Raubenheimer from instruments deployed along a cross-shore transect extending from the shoreline to seaward of the surf zone during the upcoming Nearshore Canyon Experiment (NCEX). The measurements will allow Dr. Maddux to evaluate the importance of both cross- and alongshore sediment transport to the observed sand level changes.