COI Funded Project: Data Assimilative Interdisciplinary Modeling of the Adjacent Coastal Waters of the Martha's Vineyard Coastal Observatory


Project Funded: 2005
Key Words: 3-D Numerical Modeling, Coastal Processes, Oceanography

Recent progress in developing the scientific and technical foundations for monitoring and predicting the ocean has presented us with unprecedented opportunities to advance our understanding of scientifically and socioeconomically important coastal ocean processes. These opportunities stem from emergent coastal ocean observatories with large amounts of in-situ data being collected, from the demonstrated capability of coastal ocean models, and from new development of data assimilation techniques. Here I propose to implement a data assimilative interdisciplinary modeling system for the adjacent coastal waters of the Martha’s Vineyard Coastal Observatory (MVCO). The system will take advantage of both interdisciplinary data sets collected at the MVCO and state-of-the-art coastal ocean models to construct the space-time continuous representations of the adjacent coastal ocean. Synthesis of MVCO observations in the context of data assimilative modeling and detailed dynamical diagnoses will facilitate the understanding of the interrelationships among physical, bio-optical, sedimentary processes in the MVCO coastal waters.