Harriet Alexander, 2015 Joint Program Student

I am biological oceanographer and bioinformatician who works to better understand the physiological ecology of eukaryotic phytoplankton and their role in the biogeochemical functioning in marine systems.

Nicholas MacFarlane, 2014 Joint Program Student

For my PhD at WHOI, I'm studying the behavior of toothed whales.

Alejandra Ortiz, 2014 Joint Program Student

Is a coastal geomorphologist studying the effect of accelerated sea-level rise on coastlines around the world.

Kathleen May Munson, 2013 Joint Program Student

Studies chemical transformations of mercury in marine waters.

Whitney Bernstein, 2012 Joint Program Student

Coral reefs are richly diverse and complex ecosystems that are very sensitive to the environment.

Wu-Jung Lee, 2011 Joint Program Student

Exploring new methods of using sound to search for marine life in the oceans and to identify individual species from their sonar echoes

Elise Olson, 2010 Joint Program Student

Trichodesmium abundance and nitrogen fixation in the Southern Sargasso Sea and tropical Atlantic

Maya Yamato, 2010 Joint Program Student

Understanding of the auditory system of baleen whales

Joanna Gyory, 2008 & 2009 Joint Program Student

Land crab that is little-known but important in structuring rainforest plant communities, especially larval transport

Kelton McMahon, 2005 Joint Program Student

Ecological geochemistry and fish ecology

Jonathan Blythe, 2002 Joint Program Student

Protistan biodiversity and physiology