Travis Elsdon, 2005 Postdoctoral Scholar


Travis Elsdon received a PhD in Marine Ecology from the University of Adelaide, Australia, in March 2005. The focus of his PhD work was to determine the effect of environmental properties (water chemistry, temperature, salinity) on fish earbone (otolith) chemicals and use this to determine movement and migratory strategies of estuarine fish. Other areas of research include determining the effects of urbanization and nutrients on fish related habitat and fish productivity. In October 2005, Travis started a position as postdoctoral scholar at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution with funding from the Ocean Life Institute. During his time at WHOI, he is examining the isotopes of specific amino acids within otoliths as tools to determine habitat specific signatures that will lead to estimates of connectivity, movement, and trophic links. Field research funded by Ocean Life Institute and based at Liquid Jungle Laboratory, Panama, aims to use these methods to determine the importance of tropical mangroves as nursery areas for coral reef fishes. 

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