Tim Verslycke, 2003 Postdoctoral Scholar


Tim Verslycke received a PhD in Applied Biological Sciences from Ghent University in September 2003 through his work in the field of marine ecotoxicology at the Laboratory of Environmental Toxicology and Aquatic Ecology and looking into the effects of hormone disruptors on invertebrate species. Major research activities within his PhD work were the steroid, energy and reproductive metabolism of the estuarine invertebrate Neomysis integer (Crustacea, Mysidacea). In December 2003, T. Verslycke started an 18-month position as a postdoctoral scholar at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution with funding from the Ocean Life Institute. He is studying the presence, function and inducibility of cytochrome P-450 enzymes in marine invertebrates. The functional role of these enzymes in physiological processes such as vitellogenesis and moulting in crustaceans are of special interest to him.

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