Examination of an Advanced Whale Monitoring Technique using Passive Acoustics in Cape Cod Bay


Ying-Tsong Lin, Arthur E. Newhall, Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering
Mark F. Baumgartner, Biology
Grant Funded 2010
February 2011 update

Passive acoustic listening has been shown to be very effective and
environmental friendly for remotely monitoring marine mammals. However,
for better identification and tracking performance, it is important
to incorporate complete sound propagation physics in the localization
process and related design of an optimal acoustic receiving array for
use in the field.

We have developed an acoustics normal-mode, back-propagation approach
and technology that enables us to monitor the movement of individual
marine mammals that vocalize at low frequencies (< 1000Hz) over large
ranges and time scales from a single mooring location. This April, we
will examine and evaluate this passive acoustic localization approach
in Cape Cod Bay when North American right whales are known to be present.