A High-Speed Time-Resolved Planar Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) System for Zooplankton Flow Field Measurements


Houshuo Jiang, Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering
Grant Funded 2010
It is proposed to develop a high-speed time-resolved planar Particle Image Velocimetry
(PIV) system for zooplankton flow field measurements in the laboratory. The current proposal
consists of a two year project to acquire and assemble the equipment and instrumentation needed to perform these measurements. First, the PIV system will be tested to validate the procedures and measurements. Then, the system will be used to investigate in the laboratory a recent theoretical development in understanding biogenic mixing in the ocean, i.e. the displacement of fluid particles by swimming bodies, which works more effectively in the low Reynolds number flows, is more relevant to stirring and therefore mixing than the scale of turbulence they produce.  Because the planktonic copepods are arguably the most abundant metazoans in the oce an and are able to create various water flows (in the low Reynolds number regime) owing to the biodiversity in their behaviors and motility patterns, they will be closely examined experimentally and numerically in terms of their potential in generating differentiated biogenic mixing and associated effective scalar diffusivities. The proposed research will provide important insights into a mechanistic understanding of biogenic oceanic mixing, an important and interesting current research topic.