Bridging the Gulf: Generating and Translating Knowledge of Coupled Human-Ocean Systems


Thursday, June 21, 2012
Redfield Auditorium - 12:00 Noon
Dr. Heather Leslie
Sharpe Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies and Biology
Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Brown University

Prof. Heather Leslie’s research is focused on generating and synthesizing science to inform coastal marine policy and management. She and her students are motivated by two key questions: 1) What are the causes and consequences of ecological and social change in coastal marine systems? and 2) How do we effectively integrate this knowledge into policy and management? Leslie will draw on three examples to illustrate how she blends diverse disciplines and methodologies in order to generate policy-relevant research: 1) the roles of nearshore oceanographic variation and other environmental factors in shaping distributions of intertidal organisms on a latitudinal scale and their vulnerability to climate change; 2) the influence of environmental and institutional context on the resilience of coupled social-ecological marine systems and their responses to management interventions. Leslie will conclude with a discussion of how such engaged scholarship enables valuable cross pollination between research, teaching, and policy engagement, with a particular focus on implementation of the first ever US National Ocean Policy.