The Logical Structure of the World


Wednesday May 16, 2012
Redfield Auditorium - 12:00 Noon
Dr. Edward M. Hulburt
Scientist Emeritus
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Three logical formulations will be presented, equivalence, contra position, and constructive dilemma. A simple description of these will first be given, then a logic and set theory description will be presented in a simple style. These formulations will be applied to birds, corals and Pleistocene flora changes and to glaciation and deglaciation changes during the last 400,000 years. Finally, the formulations will be applied to island and shoreline barriers to ocean currents and to the understanding of embayments on the Atlantic U.S.A. coast. The logical formulations are logically valid and cannot be falsified and thus are an infallibility trap. Escaping this trap by use of the ontological argument ends the discussion.