The Henry Luce Foundation Seminar Series


During the fall of 2002, researchers at the WHOI Marine Policy Center conducted a seminar for graduate students in the MIT/WHOI Joint Program, WHOI post-doctoral investigators, and other interested individuals in the Wood Hole scientific community. The seminar was sponsored by The Henry Luce Foundation. The series focused on topical issues in marine policy and methods for addressing these issues. The objective of the seminar was to demonstrate how research in the field of marine policy can help resource managers and stakeholders make decisions about how to use the oceans wisely. Participants were introduced to basic methodologies in environmental and natural resource economics and policy analysis. Discussions covered issues relating to:

  • fisheries management
  • marine protected areas
  • ocean aquaculture
  • protected species management
  • marine minerals development
  • marine pollution
  • maritime transportation
  • the economic value of the oceans

The seminar series was held in the WHOI Smith Conference room on Wednesday afternoons from 3.00 to 4.30pm. The schedule was as follows:


Discussion Leader
18 Sep Introduction and Approaches to Marine Policy Analysis
Marine Policy Analysis Powerpoint Presentation
Porter Hoagland

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25 Sep* Marine Resource Valuation and Optimization
Marine Resource Valuation and Optimization
Di Jin
2 Oct Decision Making and the Value of Information   Andy Solow
9 Oct Fisheries Management
Porter Hoagland
16 Oct Ocean Aquaculture
Hauke Kite-Powell

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23 Oct Marine Protected Areas
Porter Hoagland

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30 Oct Coastal Management   Ann Mulligan
6 Nov Protected Species
Hauke Kite-Powell
13 Nov Marine Minerals
Di Jin
20 Nov Marine Pollution
Di Jin
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27 Nov Marine Transportation
Hauke Kite-Powell
11 Dec Economic Value of the Oceans   Hauke Kite-Powell

* seminar held in Bigelow 217