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Curriculum Vitae

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Lisan Yu
Physical Oceanographer
Senior Scientist
Department of Physical Oceanography
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, MS#21
Woods Hole, MA 02543-1535
Telephone: 508-289-2504; Fax: 508-457-2181
Home Page:
Lab/Group Site:



B.S., The Ocean University of China, 1985 (Meteorology)
Master Program in Meteorology, The Ocean University of China, 1985-1987
M.S., Florida State University, 1990 (Physical Oceanography)
Ph.D., Florida State University, 1992 (Physical Oceanography)


Senior Scientist, 2011 -, Associate Scientist w/tenure, 2007-2011, Associate Scientist, April 2003-2007, Assistant Scientist, 1999-April 2003, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Assistant Research Scientist, Joint Center for Earth System Sciences/Department of Meteorology, University of Maryland, 1996-1999.  Postdoctoral Research Associate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1993-1996. Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Physical Oceanography, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL., 1987–1992. Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Meteorology, The Ocean University of China, Qingdao, P. R. China, 1985 – 1987.



June 1991: NSF Graduate Student Fellowship for the summer workshop on Physics of Equatorial Oceans, The University of Rhode Island, Narragansett, RI.
February 1992: NATO Advanced Study Graduate Student Fellowship for the workshop on Modeling Oceanic Climate Interactions, the Centre of Physics, Les Houches, France.
June 1992: Awarded Postdoctoral Fellowship from NOAA Climate and Global Postdoctoral Program (Declined).
August 1992: NCAR Graduate Student Fellowship for the first workshop on Adjoint Applications in Dynamic Meteorology, Pacific Grove, CA.
1991-92: Graduate Student Fellowship for the Supercomputer Computations Research Institute, Florida State University.
May 1994: NCAR Postdoctoral Fellowship for the second workshop on Adjoint Applications in Dynamic Meteorology, Visegrad, Hungary.
March 1995: NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship for the Second International Symposium on Assimilation of Observations in Meteorology and Oceanic Assimilations. Tokyo, Japan


1991- present, Member of American Geophysical Union
1991- present, Member of American Meteorological Society


Development of climate record of global air-sea momentum, heat, and moisture fluxes using satellite observations from multi-sensors and multi-platforms. Use of remote sensing of salinity to understand the global water cycle variability.  Use of air-sea flux datasets to assess the surface energy imbalance and climate impacts. Analysis of the multiscale variability and dynamics of El Niño – Southern Ocean. Analysis of ocean-atmosphere interaction at both short (synoptic to interannual) and long (decadal to climate trend) temporal scales and from meso to basin scales.


WHOI (Non Education Related):

2001, WHOI PO seminar coordinator
2001-2008, PO recruitment committee
2007, WHOI air-sea search committee.
2009-2010, PO recruitment committee

Outside WHOI (Other than Attendance at Society/National Meetings:

2000, NASA Physical Oceanography review panel
2000, National Oceanographic Partnership Program (NOPP) proposal review panel.
2000 – present, NASA Ocean Vector Wind Science Team (OVWST)
2001, Session chair, AGU spring meeting
2005, National Oceanographic Partnership Program (NOPP) proposal review panel
2005-present, Invited lead author on Global Ocean Heat and Momentum Fluxes for NOAA Annual Assessment Report on “State of Ocean Climate”.
2005-present, NOAA Ocean Observing System Team of Experts.
2005-2010, International CLIVAR Indian Ocean Panel.
2006-2009, American Meteorological Society Air-Sea Interaction Committee
2007, NASA task group on next-generation scatterometer mission
2007-2009, PIRATA science steering group (SSG), 2007-2009
2008: NSF director’s review highlight on “Increase of ocean evaporation with rising temperatures” based on the OAFlux project’s findings.
2009-2010, NASA Interim Sea Surface Temperature Science Team (ISSTST).
2009, NOAA CCDD proposal review panel
2009, Session co-chair on Surface Fluxes, NASA-NOAA workshop on Scatterometry and Climate
2010, Contributing author, IPCC Fifth Assessment Report.
2010-present, NASA Sea Surface Temperature Science Team (SSTST).
2010-present, International Ocean Vector Wind Science Team (IOVWST)
2010, NASA Physical Oceanography proposal review panel.
2010, JPL Earth Science Future Principal Investigators’ workshop. Pasadena, California
2010, NOAA OCO Highlight for “Our Changing Planet 2010: Sustained Ocean Observations Demonstrate Increasing Evaporation" featured the OAFlux project’s findings on “Increase of ocean evaporation with rising temperatures”.
2011-present, NASA Ocean Salinity Science Team (OSST).
2011-present, CLIVAR Global Synthesis and Observations Panel (GSOP)
2011,  External reviewer for faculty promotion at the School of Marine Science and Policy, University of Delaware.
2012, Local host and Co-Chair of the Scientific Committee, CLIVAR-GSOP workshop on “air-sea flux and ocean synthesis”, Woods Hole.
2012, NASA Ocean Surface Topography science team proposal review panel
2012, NASA Measure proposal review panel.
2013, NOAA ESS DYNAMO proposal review panel
2013, NASA Physical Oceanography proposal review panel
2013-present, Member, NOAA Climate Reanalysis Task Force
2014, US CLIVAR summit. Invited expert.
2014, The Tropical Pacific Observation System 2020 workshop. Invited expert.
2014, Co-author, the United Nation World Ocean Assessment, Chapter 4, The Hydrological Cycle.
2014, NASA Physical Oceanography proposal review panel.
2014, Invited Speaker, the 2nd Korea – US Ocean Scientist Workshop. Honolulu, Hawaii.
2014, NASA Ocean Salinity Science Team proposal review panel
2014, Keynote speaker, “Ocean salinity science and remote sensing workshop”, European Space Agency. Met Office, Exeter, UK.
2014, Panelist, “Scientific challenges and priorities for salinity science”, European Space Agency. Met Office, Exeter, UK.
2015, NASA postdoc program review
2015-present, Member, TPOS 2020 Backbone task force team
2015, Keynote speaker, CLIVAR CONCEPT-HEAT workshop on “Energy flow through the climate system”. Met office, Exeter, UK.
1997-present, reviewed proposals for NASA, USRA, NOAA, NSF, NOPP.
1996-present, reviewed manuscripts for Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, Climate Dynamics, Deep Sea Research, Geophysical Research Letters, International Journal of Climate, Journal of Applied Meteorology, Journal of Climate , Journal of Geophysical Oceanography – Oceans, Journal of Marine Research, Journal of Meteorological Society of Japan, Journal of Physical Oceanography, Journal of Royal Meteorological Society, Nature Geophysics, Nature Climate Change, Oceanography, Polar Research, Theoretical and Applied Meteorology, Quarterly Remote Sensing of Environment.


July 2000: El Nino – Southern Oscillation. WHOI Summer Student Lecture Series.
February 2004:  Westerly wind bursts and ENSO. WHOI PO Lunch Talk.
August 2004:  El Niño – Southern Oscillation. WHOI summer student fellowship lecture series.
August 2005: The role of Indian Ocean on Climate. Seminar Series. WHOI.
June 2006: Global variations in oceanic evaporation. WHOI Physical Oceanography department seminar. Woods Hole, Massachusetts.
July 2007:  El Niño – Southern Oscillation. 2007 WHOI Summer Lecture Series.


Xiangze Jin (Research Associate II), 2003-present
Sachiko Yoshida (Postdoctoral Investigator), 2010-2011
Bomin Sun (Postdoc, co-advisor with Bob Weller), 2000-2002
Sudharshan Sathiyamoorthy(Postdoc, co-advisor with Bob Weller), 2002-2003
Mike Caruso (Research specialist, 2-months per year), 2000-2002


Principal Advisor:
Hua Jiang, Guest Ph.D. student from the Ocean University of China, 2002-2003
Ryo Saotome, WHOI summer student minority fellow, 2006
Samantha Whitmore, WHOI Summer Student Fellow, 2012
Xiangzhou Song, visiting Ph.D. student from the Ocean University of China, 2010-2012.
Hao Liu, visiting Ph.D. student from the Ocean University of China, 2015-

Summer co-advisor for WHOI-MIT JP student:

Nicholas Woods, 2007

Committee Member:

Julian Schanze, WHOI-MIT Joint Program Ph.D. student, 2010-2013

Co-Mentor for Assistant Scientist:

Caroline Ummenhofer, 2012 -


WOCE cruise (chief scientist, Fritz Schott, Oct 1-27, 1990 on RV Meteor from Cape Verde Islands to Recife, Brazil

Stratus cruise (chief scientist Bob Weller), Oct 14-Nov 9, 2007. Aboard the NOAA research vessel Ronald H. Brown in the southeastern Pacific. Participated buoy deployment and recovery, deployment of rawinsondes, UCTD, and Argo floats. Processed and plotted UCTD measurements.

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