Mohamed A. Ali

Offshore Wind New Technology Introduction Leader, GE Global Research Center


Dr. Ali’s expertise is in probabilistic design and optimization of complex systems under uncertainty. Since joining the GE global research center, Dr. Ali was a key member and then led the team that developed the design for six-sigma tools utilized across GE. Dr. Ali also participated in the design and optimization of a wide range of products including x-ray tubes and gas turbines with the common theme of achieving robust designs under uncertain loading and operating conditions. Dr. Ali also led the development of GE strategy and vision for digitizing the design process across multiple GE businesses.

Dr. Ali is also a certified master black-belt at GE which is the highest six-sigma certification. Six-sigma is a rigorous data-driven methodology adopted at GE and other companies to quantitatively account for variation and achieve optimal products and services.

As part of Dr. Ali Ph.D. thesis, an innovative algorithm was developed for topological optimization of composite structure, with a particular focus on topological optimization of concrete structures.

Dr. Ali holds a Bachelor and Masters in Structural Engineering & Mechanics, 1991 & 1994 from Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt and a Doctor of Philosophy, Structural Mechanics, 1997 from Cornell University, Ithaca, New York