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Health Care

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution provides some health insurance to students in the MIT/WHOI Joint Program and to postdoctoral investigators and scholars.  Graduate students and postdocs will be briefed on their healthcare options during orientation. Other students, such as Summer Student Fellows and guest students are expected to have their own insurance.

Wellness Program and Weight Watchers at Work

Periodically WHOI's Human Resources department will organize the wellness fair where staff and students can have their vitals check and learn more about what they can do to stay healthy.  Also, WHOI will sponsor a Weight Watchers at Work program based on demand.  You can find out more about these programs during orientation.

Employee and Student Assistance Program (EASP)

The ESAP can provide you and your family members with help in obtaining confidential, professional assistance for a variety of personal problems (e.g., family and marital discord, financial and legal issues, or alcohol and drug abuse). This service is provided by ROI Associates, as part of the Gosnold Outpatient Counseling Center, phone numbers (508) 548-7119 or (800) 649-8115. The ESAP counselor will conduct an assessment to determine the proper course of treatment. If appropriate, treatment at the Counseling Center is available for up to eight visits at no charge to the individual. Depending upon the diagnosis and insurance coverage, the ESAP can continue treatment beyond the initial eight visits or refer the individual or family member to other qualified practitioners and community agencies. ESAP services are fully paid for by WHOI and all interactions with the Counseling Center are completely confidential.

If ROI Associates refers you to a health care professional, your expenses may be covered by group medical insurance. You are responsible for expenses if you are referred to a non-health professional (e.g., legal or family counseling).

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