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Fitness Facilities

The Institution maintains a variety of fitness facilities for use by staff and students.

Fitness Trail

The Fitness Trail is located along 1.5 miles of wooded paths encompassing over 60 acres in the most beautiful and peaceful walking areas of WHOI's Quissett Campus. The trail consists of a 20-station exercise system with instructional signs and exercise structures. The self-guided, self-paced system combines the three essential elements of total fitness (stretching/flexibility, muscle toning, and cardiovascular conditioning) into a balanced exercise routine. You perform the recommended exercises at each station and proceed through the routine with warm-up, conditioning, and cool-down exercises. Heart-rate guides allow you to gauge exertion levels and properly pace your workout.

Softball Field

Located behind Clark laboratory on the Quissett campus is a regulation softball field.

Tennis Court

The Institution maintains a tennis court on the Quissett campus.

Beach Volleyball Court

On the Quissett campus, behind clark is a beach volleyball court.

Basketball Court

During the warmer months you can usually join a pick-up basketball game on Tuesdays and Thursdays during lunch.

Soccer Field

Whenever there isn't snow on the ground you can likely find a pick-up soccer game happening on the soccer field behind Clark Laboratory.

Locker Rooms

There are showers and locker room facilities located in several buildings on both campuses for your use.

Bike Racks

Bike racks are located outside most buildings.