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WHOI News Releases

SharkCam Tracks Great Whites into the Deep

Expedition Featured on Discovery Channel's 'Shark Week' 2016

New AUV Plankton Sampling System Deployed

’SUPR-REMUS,’ coupled with genetic analysis, reveals larval distributions

Carbon Dioxide Pools Discovered in Aegean Sea

’Kallisti Limnes’ Get Their Distinctive Color from Opal Particles

REMUS SharkCam Captures Upclose Encounters with Great Whites

Footage from SharkCam featured on Discovery Channel "Shark Week"

Robotic Deep-sea Vehicle Lost on Dive to 6-Mile Depth

Scientists think Nereus imploded exploring the Kermadec Trench

Deep-Diving Sub Alvin Cleared to Return to Service

Navy certification is final step in Alvin upgrade project

New Robot Sub Surveys the Deep off the Pacific Northwest

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Maps Sites for Future Ocean Observatory

Researchers See Potential for Significant 2008 "Red Tide" Season

Conditions are ripe for another large bloom in New England waters; weather and ocean conditions will determine outcome

Dennis McGillicuddy Receives 27th Annual Rosenstiel Award

Oceanographer Shines Light on Plankton Dynamics

CSI Deep Water

Explorers to Use New Robotic Vehicles to Hunt for Life and Hydrothermal Vents on Arctic Seafloor

Researchers will probe the Gakkel Ridge during expedition that begins on July 1

Jim Ledwell Awarded Agassiz Medal by National Academy of Sciences

Senior Scientist Specializes in the Use of Chemical Tracers to Observe Currents in the Ocean

Harmful Algal Bloom (Red Tide) Models and Forecasts to be Expanded in Gulf of Maine

New Program Could Reopen Valuable Offshore Shellfish Beds