As installed on Knorr, the SeaBeam 3012-P1 system consists of underhull projectors and diver-replaceable hydrophones (yielding a two-degree by two-degree beam pattern), a single 19” electronics rack, an operator’s workstation and peripherals. In addition to the SeaBeam system itself, two additional Unix workstations have been installed on Knorr, along with a complete, documented suite of software (MB-System) to allow the science party to fully post-process bathymetry and side-scan data while onboard.

The SeaBeam system generates 121 bathymetric points and 2,000 co-located sidescan pixels for every ping cycle. Various displays show the system status and operational parameters, along with graphical displays of bathymetry and sidescan. Scientists must closely monitor the system to insure good performance, but such monitoring is well within the realm of normal, shipboard watchstanding duties.