Advanced Imaging and Visualization Laboratory (AIVL)


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About AIVL

  • Specializes in the image system design, development, and acquisition of imagery from unique and hostile environments, including those found at the deepest depths of the world’s oceans.
  • Maintains a large inventory of field-ready imaging systems; including specialized aerial and underwater systems for use on aircraft, submarines, remotely operated vehicles, autonomous underwater vehicles, and diver operated platforms.
  • Is a complete post-production facility with the ability to acquire, post-process, edit and produce films in formats including Digital Imax, 3D HDTV, Full Dome, 3D Full Dome, Truncated Full Dome, Immersive and Panoramic, Multi-spectral and traditional HDTV.
  • Has one of the world’s largest high resolution image collections for natural history, scientific, and marine archeological images. We are currently developing treatments for a number of educational 2D and 3D films with a focus on the Museum Community.

Partnering with AIVL

Our imaging systems are available for both scientific, educational, documentary feature film, and commercial projects around the world in terrestrial, aerial and underwater environments.  Also, our camera systems can be easily integrated and come complete with support staff including divers if desired.


  • State-of-the-art imaging systems and imaging expertise
  • In-house camera and optics development and engineering
  • Image processing and post processing expertise
  • Worlds smallest full resolution stereoscopic 3D imaging systems
  • (HDTV and UHDTV)
  • Immersive theater design
  • Exhibit design and fabrication

Contact AVIL

William N. Lange
Phone: (508) 289-2782
Web site: