Palmer Station Survey

Sunrise at Palmer Station on the Antarctic Peninsula (Photo by Keith von der Heydt, WHOI)
WHOI engineers Keith von der Heydt (right) and Greg Packard survey the waters near Palmer Station. (Photo by Scott Gallager, WHOI)
The autonomous underwater vehicle REMUS (foreground) conducts a survey near Palmer Station (background). The polar research vessel Lawrence Gould is docked at the station. (Photo by Vernon Asper, University of Southern Mississippi)
Icy waters didn't stop REMUS from completing its surveys. (Photo by Keith von der Heydt, WHOI)
Greg Packard prepares a REMUS, secured in its case, for launch from the inflatable. (Photo by Keith von der Heydt, WHOI)
A happy team poses with REMUS, an autonomous underwater vehicle developed at WHOI, after a survey in Antarctica. From left to right: Dave Embrey, Vernon Asper, Scott Gallager, Keith von der Heydt and Greg Packard. (Photo by Chris Perry)
Several inflatable boats were used during the survey and needed to be taken out of the water almost daily to avoid ice damage. The Lawrence Gould is in the background. (Photo by Keith von der Heydt, WHOI)
A computer generated map of the seafloor around Palmer Station shows deep troughs scoured by receding glaciers. The map is based on more than 180,000 soundings taken from the inflatables. (Map generated by Scott Gallager, WHOI)
Looking out from Palmer Station where the cable for the PRIMO observatory will be installed. (Photo by Keith von der Heydt, WHOI)
Sunrise near Palmer Station. (Photo by Keith von der Heydt, WHOI)

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