Large Volume Water Transfer System (LVP)


McLane Large Volume Water Transfer Systems are designed to collect particulate matter, in-situ, in support of oceanographic research projects and environmental monitoring programs.

The WTS 6-1-142LV series of oceanographic pumps draw ambient water through filters at flow rates from 2 liters per minute to 50 liters per minute and can pump more than 40 tons of seawater during a single cast. The LV pumps are designed for use from a ship's hydro-wire and employ advance control algorithms to dynamically optimize flow rates as material accumulates on a filter and to deliver precisely measured sample volumes. McLane's WTS-LVs are the finest, most accurate, oceanographic pumps in the world today.

The WTS-EC, is configured to draw ambient water through 47 mm pre-filters followed by in-line extraction columns to allow the collection of radio-nucleides, organics, and trace metals from seawater. The pre-filters are identical to those used in the WTS-47FH and the extraction columns can be bypassed, permitting use as a WTS-FH.