Science Party


Chief Scientist

The Chief Scientist is the primary liaison between science personnel and the Master and is responsible for the organization and execution of the scientific program. The Chief Scientist is responsible for the safety of science operations. The Master and Chief Scientist will jointly consider decisions affecting the safety and science. In general, they will choose a course of action together. In those situations where they do not agree, the Master's decision will take precedence.

In planning for the cruise, the Chief Scientist should make sure that the science complement aboard is adequate to accomplish the program. S/He may ask any member of the science party to help with other programs as long as this does not interfere with the person's primary job.

At sea it is the responsibility of the Chief Scientist to see that the scientific program runs safely and smoothly. The Chief Scientist should be informed of any difficulty, whether of a scientific or a personal nature.

Science Personnel

The smooth operation of the science program requires continuing good communications between science and the ship's personnel. If the Chief Scientist has delegated authority to you to work directly with the bridge, have the following in mind: keep the watch informed. Give the bridge as much advance notice as possible on work site coordinates. If the Mate and the Engineer are not advised of your intentions well in advance, the watch may have to keep you waiting while they prepare for the next maneuver. If you are looking for a good work site or are waiting for the results of your last experiment before you make your next move, tell the bridge what is happening

NEVER put any gear over the side without first consulting the bridge.

If a problem having to do with the scientific program arises during your watch, no matter what the hour, call the Chief Scientist or whomever has been designated as in charge.

When you are on watch and your relief arrives, explain everything in sufficient detail so the relief will know exactly what the situation is and can continue the routine without a break.

Keep your equipment secured to the bench or deck at all times in case of unexpected foul weather or abrupt ship maneuvers.