Henry M. Stommel Through the Years

"Work at sea rubs off the sharp edges and makes us better people."
     Henry Stommel, 1989 speech to The Oceanographic Society (Photo courtesy of the WHOI Archives)
What was equally remarkable about Henry Stommel was the breadth and intensity of his curiosity and his amazingly diverse interests—he was also an accomplished printer, painter, gentleman farmer, and fiction writer. (Photo courtesy of the WHOI Archives)
"Science is a voyage of intellectual exploration, and an expression of the human spirit."
     Henry Stommel, 1989 (Photo courtesy of the WHOI Archives)
Henry Stommel and Louis N. Howard, principal instructors in the 1968 Geophysical Fluid Dynamics (GFD) program demonstrated the effect of rotation on water in the basement of Walsh Cottage. (Photo courtesy of the WHOI Archives)
Many people came away from chance meetings with Henry Stommel with entirely new problems to solve or chains of inquiry to follow. (Photo courtesy of the WHOI Archives)
On October 18, 1989, President George H.W. Bush presented Henry Stommel with the National Medal of Science "for his original, penetrating and fundamental contributions to the physics of ocean circulation." (Photo courtesy of the WHOI Archives)

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