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dolphin necropsy

A day in the life of a lab

In this Dec. 17 snapshot of activity in the Marine Research Facility Necropsy Lab, researchers investigate the body of a common dolphin that died the day before in Harwich. The animal is being examined for gross pathology and being sampled to determine how it died. The ears and lungs will be used for ongoing research projects. At far left is Misty Niemeyer from the International Fund for Animal Welfare, Marine Mammal Rescue Research Division, records data. Examining the dolphin at left are independent researcher Gregory A. Early, Colby Moore, a WHOI guest student and a grad student at Baylor University, and Rui Prieto, a University of Azores graduate student visiting from Horta, Azores. At right, Maya Yamato, a MIT/WHOI grad student, is removing the ears, as Alex Zosuls, from Boston University, observes. Andreas Fahlman, a WHOI research specialist in biology, is preparing the lungs for a study of their compliance at different pressures.
(Photo by Michael Moore, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)


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