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Jane and James Orr

A Model Citizen

“I’ve built models my entire life,” said James Orr, honorary member of the WHOI Corporation. After closely following the construction of the R/V Tioga and visiting the shipyard and the marine architect, Orr constructed by hand a 1:48-scale detailed replica, based on the shipbuilder’s drawings. In June, he updated the model on display in the lobby of Fenno House at WHOI. Orr has long had an interest in ships, particularly ancient Greek vessels, and he and his wife, Jane, have generously supported the marine archaeology research of WHOI scientist Brendan Foley. Building the Tioga model “was a fun project,” Orr said, “that took the better part of three years, working out how to make this or that part.” (Photo by Tom Kleindinst, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)


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