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air-sea interaction buoy

One last check

Engineer John Kemp, of the WHOI Mooring Operations, Engineering, and Field Support Group checks a mooring buoy just before it is deployed in the Red Sea, while engineer Jason Smith (lower right) and research associate Erich Horgan (lower left) stand by. The buoy carries instruments that measures above-water conditions (such as temperature, wind, evaporation and and preciptation) and the mooring line carries instruments that measure underwater conditions (such as temperature, currents, and salt content). WHOI scientist and cruise leader Tom Farrar will use the data to study how fresh water and heat are exchanged between sea and air, factors which could determine the circulation of water in the Red Sea. The mooring, installed in October 2008, is part of a research collaboration between WHOI and King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia. (Photo by Jeff Avery, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)


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