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Chip Breier and Kaitlyn McCartney

"SUPR Summer" on the dock

While on board R/V Roger Revelle at the WHOI dock in July 2008, Summer Student Fellow Kaitlyn McCartney (MIT) adjusted a sampler designed by WHOI Post-doctoral Scholar Chip Breier (left, Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering Department.) The new "SUPR" sampler (Suspended Particulate Rosette) collects particles within intensely hot, high-pressure fluid plumes rising from hydrothermal vents—part of efforts to analyze deep-sea compounds in place. McCartney, sponsored by engineer Sheri White, designed the frame to mount SUPR on the ROV Jason (background), and participated in a cruise to collect particles from mid-Atlantic black smoker vents.
(Photo by Tom Kleindinst, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)


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