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Bundled Up while Diving Deep

Bundled Up while Diving Deep

Sweaters and knit hats are typical clothing for scientists and a pilot traveling in the submersible Alvin. Temperatures in the (unheated) submersible drop as the depth increases—in this case, to 1.6 miles depth (2,660 meters) during a September 2007 dive to the Juan de Fuca Ridge offshore Washington and Oregon. "The average temperature outside the submersible is usually around 35°F," said pilot Mark Spear (right).  "Inside the sub with all the electronics, and three people's body heat, it maybe gets down to 45 to 50°F. We do have hot coffee, and new this year are nice, fluffy, and cozy fire-resistant fleece blankets! We always take two or three and it resembles a slumber party after the work is done." This dive included doctoral student Katherine Inderbitzen with the University of Miami and scientist Robert Meldrum with the Geological Survey of Canada.

(Photo by Mark Spear, Woods Hole Oceanographic Insitution)


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