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A conductivity/temperature/depth (CTD) rosette being lowered into the current.

A Perfect Pond

A conductivity/temperature/depth (CTD) rosette is lowered into the East Greenland Coastal Current  in August 2004. Researchers from WHOI and the Johns Hopkins University investigated the origin and structure of the current, despite pack-ice and icebergs that make the area difficult to sample. The region and current are likely to play an important role in the spreading of freshwater from melting glaciers and Arctic sea ice. The 2004 expedition was the first high-resolution survey of the coastal current and was carried out on the RSS James Clark Ross, an icebreaker operated by the British Antarctic Survey. Prior to the CTD cast, the ship was maneuvered to create an open water "pond" for the rosette. (Photo by Robert Pickart, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)


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