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Rich Camilli in the lab with Gemini, his miniature mass spectrometer.

Small, Sensitive Sensor

Richard Camilli, a chemist and engineer in the WHOI Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering Department, builds cutting-edge instruments for sensing molecules in seawater. His miniature mass spectrometer “Gemini” (shown here) can be mounted on a submersible or autonomous underwater vehicle to detect chemicals in water as deep as 5,000 meters. Camilli deployed his instrument on a submersible in the Aegean Sea, looking for compounds released by underwater volcanoes. This week, he is deploying another one of his sensors—the Tethys in situ mass spectrometer—from the Aquarius undersea research station in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, where he will be living underwater for two weeks. (Photo by Tom Kleindinst, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)


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