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Science staff kicking a hacky sack on Oden.

Hacky Sack Attack

How do researchers pass the time, relieve some mounting tension, and try to keep warm while waiting for their robotic vehicles and instruments to come home? "It happens at least once on every polar cruise," said photographer Chris Linder. "Someone brings out a hacky sack." It’s a more interesting game when swaddled in extreme-weather survival suits or bulky winter clothes. Clockwise from six o’clock WHOI science writer Lonny Lippsett; MIT/WHOI graduate student Claire Willis; WHOI engineering assistant Devin Ruddick; WHOI engineer John Bailey; WHOI biologist Tim Shank; WHOI engineer Cliff Pontbriand; MIT/WHOI graduate student Clay Kunz; recently graduated MIT/WHOI Joint Program student Mike Jakuba; University of Tokyo graduate student Taichi Sato; and WHOI engineer Hanu Singh.
(Photo by Chris Linder, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)


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