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Keel laying ceremony

First of Many Pieces

On August 17, 2012, senior officials from WHOI joined the U.S. Office of Naval Research (ONR) at a ceremony to mark the beginning of construction on the newest ocean research ship AGOR 27, which will be operated by WHOI beginning in 2014. During the traditional ceremony held in Anacortes, Wash., the first piece of steel that will eventually become part of the ship's keel was inscribed with the initials of the keel certifiers: Rear Admiral Matthew Klunder, ONR Chief of Naval Research, and Susan K. Avery, WHOI President and Director. The group pictured includes (left to right) Admiral Klunder, WHOI Trustee Bob James, WHOI Director of Ship Operations Al Suchy, Director Avery, and WHOI Special Assistant to the President and former VP of Marine Operations, Rear Admiral Dick Pittenger (USN, Ret.). (US Navy Photo courtesy Karla DeCamp Photography)


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